Amazonite is one of the most stunning stones in the world and is sought after to craft into unique, beautiful jewelry. offers a huge variety of original gemstone design jewelry such as amazonite earrings, amazonite spinner rings, amazonite pendants, and amazonite cabochons. The stone's name is derived from the Amazon River, depicting it's calm, tranquil hue. At Zoey Simmons Jewelry, amazonite is one of the favorite stones among our designers. We find the gentle hue easy to pair with outfits in a variety of colors. If you're looking for wholesale amazonite jewelry, look no further. offers the best prices of any online wholesale jewelry store for all original designs in amazonite jewelry including - amazonite toe rings, amazonite clip-on earrings, amazonite rings, etc.

For centuries, this exquisite stone has been used to create statues, amulets and most commonly, jewelry. Amazonite can be found in many different shades, it's most common tint being an opaque blue-green to a yellow-green with streaks of white. Our amazonite is sourced from high grade material only and selected for it's color and texture.

The amazonite stone exerts natural energy that dissipates harmful electromagnetic pollution around you, making it easier for your mood to be uplifted almost instantly. These properties make this natural stone very desirable to keep and wear everyday. 

From amazonite beaded necklaces to eye-catching rings, amazonite can be adorned in many ways. It's subtle elegance makes it easy to pair with any occasion and brings out the natural beauty in everyone. Amazonite rings are also a popular choice to be worn throughout the day as the stone radiates positive energy. 

Zoey Simmons Jewelry offers a wide range of amazonite jewelry that are perfect for woman of any age. Many of our amazonite jewelry designs are frequently incorporated with high quality natural stones and precious metals. 

This opulent stone has been favored for so long because of it's healing properties and graceful color; only time increases it's beauty.               

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