New Bead Design Trends In 2021

New? Certainly not. But there’s something about the simplicity of a gemstone bead that keeps the ancient adornment firmly rooted in the collective jewelry subconscious. Dating back to prehistoric times, beads have served as both dramatic accessories and—rife with minute pattern work—storytelling tools. Interestingly, the updated bead jewelry that will come to the fore in 2018 is rather simple when compared with the intricate styles favored by pharaohs and Cherokee chiefs. Some designers, such as Irene Neuwirth, are striking a chord with minimal strands of opal, chrysoprase, or turquoise meant to be layered, while others—including Shamballa Jewels, Luis Morais, and Anthony Lent—are appealing to fashion-forward gents with elegant wrist wraps. Just bead it! —Randi Molofsky

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