Placing Your Order


   We are a wholesale jewelry supplier and we do have Minimum Order of $250.

We prefer that all orders be placed through our website. This will result in the 

fastest processing and shipping times. However, we also accept orders via email and Fax.

Customers with special requests may place their order via email or fax if they need to

explain any special details. Re: processing & shipping times, we normally require

between 2-3 business days to ship orders out. Please read our shipping section for full

details.  *Also, please note that all orders must be paid in full before we will start to 

pull or make your order. Many of our designs may require assembly by our staff, 

for this reason we require payment to be completed before we begin work on your



Fax Orders:


Email Orders:         subject:  New Order


      Sincerely, The Zoey Simmons Customer Excellence Team