Gemstone Earrings Are Always A Popular Choice

Gemstone earrings are a staple in every woman's jewelry collection. It's versatile usage makes it easy to pair between a casual brunch to a girl's night out. With it's rumored healing properties, wearing a pair of gemstone earrings can instantly brighten your mood and liven up your day. Zoey Simmons Jewelry offers a wide range of semi-precious, unique gemstones that are suitable for women of every age.

Whether it's Spring or Winter, gemstone earrings never go out of style. With our various selection, you can opt for statement gemstone earrings, (which is sure to catch the eye of any jewelry admirer,) or for a subtle look to shape your face and brighten your existing beauty.

Our natural gemstones earrings offer distinctive cuts that are sure to please whichever style suits you. Our genuine stones include popular mainstream gems such as amethyst, labradorite, amazonite, etc. as well as rare sourced stones including kyanite, lily fossil, cat's eye and green chalcedony just to name a few. When our precious gemstones catch the light, it reflects an ensemble of colors that leave viewers in awe of it's natural elegance. 

With our wide range and affordable wholesale prices, we're sure that  you can find stones that your loyal customers will love. Gemstone earrings are popular gift items that your loved ones can always treasure. When selecting a style, choose a stone that brings out your natural skin stone that is sure to enhance your beauty. Our favorite pairings for a fair skin complexion is to choose a soft pastel such as rose quartz, abalone and / or pearl. For warm tones, we suggest striking stones like lapis, green moss agate, citrine etc. We love bold stones to further enhance the beauty of rich complexions such as unakite, hematite and malachite.

Amongst our favorite jewelry designs, gemstone earrings never fail to make our customers happy, which is why it has remained so fashionable throughout the years. 

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