Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, (also recognized simply as Lapis,) is a rich deep-blue gemstone known for allowing access to reflect on oneself, opening your chakra to further enhance your inner wisdom and to trust your intuition.

The gemstone lapis' hues are so uniquely colored that it was actually named after it's appearance; which in Egyptian, directly translates to "blue stone."

The gemstone was sought after by the ancient Chinese as well as Greek civilizations. Merchants transported these precious gemstones all throughout the ancient cities in India and made it's way to Persia, Greece, Egypt, along with many other great trading capitals. The lapis was commonly cut into gemstone beads and cabochons. Some ancient lapis gemstone cabochons have been found with beetles and other patterns delicately carved into the stones.

During the renaissance period, lapis was often ground and used to make blue paint. In Ancient Egypt, lapis was made into a fine powder and used as eye-shadow, most famously worn by Cleopatra. Lapis gemstones were also used to adorn the burial sites of ancient royalty. They also bejeweled their tombs and chariots with these extravagant stones. 

Lapis Lazuli was also a favorable carving material. Throughout history, lapis has been found to be crafted into various items such as bowls, hair combs, and healing amulets.

Gemstone jewelry widely celebrates lapis for its enriching color and wondrous history. Lapis jewelry is very desirable to have to have in anyone's jewelry collection. Lapis earrings pair nicely with an elegant dress for a fancy evening; even pairing it with a statement lapis necklace can further bolden your look. For day to day wear; simple yet chic lapis beaded bracelets can enhance any style. Whether you use lapis to keep in your house for its healing properties, or to wear for its dazzling, intense color, the lapis gemstone is a must-have for everyone.


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